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Market Access

We assist Pharma & MedTech companies in assessing and accessing Eastern European, South Caucasian, and Central Asian markets. Knowing and understanding the CIS region and people around here, we support decision-makers with vital knowledge on policies, regulations, processes, and practices.

Аdvising companies in their Road-to-Market Pathway

In our approach, we distinguish three stages of entering the market in the region we cover. We outline these by functions and depth of analysis and insights needed:

(1) Early Advice. The very first stage, where we help companies to understand the potential of the whole region or the pre-selected set of countries, to identify existing barriers for successful commercialization and market access process, to map stakeholders, compare registered prices, find out vital information on pricing & reimbursement, and to analyze future consumers initially.

(2) Market Access Roadmap. One of the most important stages for companies is understanding all steps needed to go off in order to start selling, to get reimbursement, to register a price, or apply for listing in the essential medicines list, etc. UPharma Consulting develops comprehensive market access roadmaps taking into consideration therapeutic areas, sales channels, marketing strategies, and other factors, important for the client. We offer our 10+ years of expertise in these markets, an established network of industry experts, and regulatory requirements knowledge.

(3) Pre-Launch. The stage of getting prepared for the product launch, which requires a working business model, effective team, marketing and brand plan, and other pre-marketing elements required per each market in the region. We assist companies here as well.

Pre-Market Planning & Assessment
Target market opportunity assessment
Therapeutic area and core markets analyses
Competitors & consumers profiling
Assessing risks and barriers
Interviewing Stakeholders
Long-listing experts
Readiness for interview
Recruiting for interviews
Interviewing KOLs, HCPs, experts, authorities
Marketing Authorization
Product registration routes
Early market access options
Authorities & stakeholders mapping
Timelining & budgeting market entry process
Infrastructural Analysis
Analysis of healthcare structure and governance
Local & regional distribution chain studies
Retail channel and structure by countries
Analysis of flow of goods in a market
National Formulary Listing
Assessing local formulary listing requirements
KOLs and HCPs mapping
Process schemes and timelines
Recruiting and interviewing experts
Demand Forming
Demand forming principles per country
Top-down and Down-top approaches
Mapping stakeholders and decision-makers for demand forming activities
Interviewing KOLs, HCPs, experts, authorities
Public Procurement
Studying requirements for public tendering process
Understanding available options
Product-specific options for state purchases
Procedure outlining and stakeholders mapping
Pricing & Reimbursement
Analysis of reimbursement system
Avaialable budgets
Submission process & requirements
Existing pricing levels assessment
Health Technology Assessment
HTA system requirements
Submission process and requirements
Stakeholders mapping
Supply Chain & Sales
Price-forming per segment
Sales & distributions models
Business modelling
Marketing activities planning

Market Access Services for Pharma & MedTech:

Market Analyses: Opportunity Assessment, Core Market Analysis & Forecasting, Competitive Environment Audit, Competitors & Customers Profiling, Qualitative Research
Market Access: Access Strategy Plan Development, Regulatory Environment Audit, Pricing & Reimbursement Research, Market Entry Staging and Budgeting, Public Purchases & Tendering Process Study, Pricing Levels Research.
Stakeholders Mapping: Local Payor Research, Stakeholders & Infrastructure Mapping, Portraying Patients, Profiling Authorities, Recruiting and Interviewing Industry Experts, Interviewing Physicians, KOLs, Authorities.
Business Modelling: Development of Business Models, Sales & Budget Planning, Market Entry Road-Mapping, Marketing Plan Development.
Product Launch: Launch Strategy & Planning, Promotional Activities Budgeting, Launch Tracking, Supply Chain Effectiveness Analysis.
Therapeutic Area Analysis: Analysis of Epidemiology Trends, Research on the Competition per Segment, Treatment Guidelines and Protocol Review, Literature Review.

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