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Market Access Pathway for a Schizophrenia Drug

To define a winning commercial model for the Target
To define a winning commercial model for the Target
Global EU-based consultancy
The biggest CIS market

A complex and stage-by-stage detailed roadmap of bringing an innovative LAI into the biggest CIS market.

Expert interviews with experts, practicing HCPs, KOLs.

Overview of the local treatment landscape in schizophrenia.

Formulary study:

Overview of the formulary system in the country.

Reviewing formularies at all levels and understanding their impact on the price formation process in the country.

Study of formulary listing requirements, regional differences.

Understanding the timing and costs associated with the formulary enlisting process.

Identification of the level of formulary influence on clinical practitioners on their prescribing behavior.

Pricing study:

The pricing structure for competitors of Target's product in the country.

Analysis of pricing structures per each sales channel: private, public.

Treatment practices and infrastructure study:

Analysis of the treatment pathway of LAIs in the country.

Analysis of treatment practices in inpatient and outpatient settings.

Overview of clinical practices in the country concerning the usage/prescribing of LAIs.

Understanding a set of established clinical practices regarding the existing treatment preferences using orals and other antipsychotic drugs.

Building up a prescribing landscape for LAIs in the country.

Identification of major treatment centers in the country and its regions.

Identification of levels of product prescribings by regions of the country: national, regional, province.

Market landscape analysis:

Collection of statistical, medical, epidemiological and economic data.

Study of the local market of antipsychotic drugs by country's core sales channels: hospital and retail.

Analysis of the potential of each sales channel: private, public.

Elaboration of the marketing authorization process in the country.

Research on the dynamics of LAIs prescription in the country by core regions.

Analysis of the unmet need in LAIs in the country.

Reimbursement study:

Analysis of pricing requirements when being enlisted into the reimbursement program.

Elaboration of the reimbursement authorization process in the country

Key areas covered in the project:
Market landscape analysis.
Pricing & Reimbursement overview.
Prescribing and distribution channels for LAIs.
Epidemiology and infrastructure study.
Analysis of established treatment practices.
Understanding the patients' pathways.


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