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Road-to-Market Study for 9 CIS countries

To provide market access, pricing and reimbursement (P&R), market intelligence for CIS & Central Asian countries
To provide market access, pricing and reimbursement (P&R), market intelligence for CIS & Central Asian countries
Global Germany-based consultancy
9 CIS, South Caucasian & Central Asian countries: Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan
  • Country-specific critical success factors in developing business in state-funded and out-of-pocket segments.
  • Market Access & Reimbursement detailed step-by-step roadmap.
  • Overview of all procedures concerning bringing a pharmaceutical market to hospital and retail consumers.
Reimbursement study:
  • Analysis of how does the reimbursement model work in each country.
  • Identification of key drivers making an individual product qualifying as a drug for reimbursement.
Promotion study:
  • Study of measures regulating sales and marketing activities established in each country.
  • Overview of general regulatory environments concerning promotional activities by pharmaceutical companies.
Demand forming study:
  • Overview of approaches of demand forming per each country.
  • Analysis of general strategies in hospital and retail segments aimed to form a demand at a particular level.
Pricing study:
  • Analysis of price regulations for hospital and retail segments.
  • Overview of price forming mechanisms, price mark-ups etc.
  • Identification of crucial price-forming factors per each supply chain segment.
  • Analysis of established pricing policies in public purchases.
  • Overview of general cost-containment measures and price reduction mechanisms induced by local governments.
Formulary study:
  • Stakeholders mapping in the formulary system.
  • Outlining the scheme of the formulary enlisting process.
  • Review of the legal environment regulating the formulary system in each country.
  • Identification of national Formulary commissions members.
Public purchases/ state tenders study:
  • Building-up tender architectures for each country in focus.
  • Identification of products and therapeutic areas that are in the primary focus for public purchases in each country.
  • Outlining the mechanisms and processes concerning participation in public purchases.
  • Analysis of preferential conditions for local manufacturers per each country.
  • Analysis of the regulatory environment in public purchases.
  • Outlining stakeholders in public purchases.
Key areas covered in the project:
  • Price regulation measures and other important regulations.
  • Business modeling.
  • Pricing & Reimbursement landscapes.
  • National formulary rules.
  • Demand forming activities analysis.
  • Supply chain stakeholders overview.
  • Overview of the EAEU regulatory framework in market access and marketing authorization.
  • Summary of recent regulatory changes on the road-to-market pathway in each country.
Business model study:
  • Identification of key success factors and decision-making processes and decision criteria for OTC and Rx products per each market.
  • Studies of successful OTC product strategy examples per country.
  • Analyzing differences between wholesalers/distributors on each market concerning service portfolio and value chain.
  • Understanding terms and conditions in partnerships with distributors and wholesalers.
  • Study of established practices of partnering with local pharmacy chains.
  • Elaboration of best practices for salesforce setup: team size and visiting frequency and team cost etc.
  • Outlining roles of prescribers, HCPs, GPs, pharmacists per type of drug per each country.
  • Finding out key organizational capabilities to be successful in each market.
  • Study of "go-to-market" and marketing approaches in all countries.
Market landscape analysis:
  • Outlining all key players across pharma wholesale segments per country.
  • Analysis of online pharmacy channels where available.
  • Analysis of oncology.


Anastasiya MAXIMENKO
Partner, Recruitment & Organizational Development
Partner, Pharma & MedTech Market Access

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