Workshop “Public Procurement of Medicinal Products”

Workshop “Public Procurement of Medicinal Products”

Legal Alliance Company together with Newtend, the official ProZorro platform, invite you to participate in the workshop "Public Procurement of Medicinal Products". UPharma Consulting inviting you to participate in this workshop.

Workshop location: HUB 4:0 (1/3 Yaroslavskyi lane, Kyiv), conference hall Evolution

Workshop date: September 28, 2017 (Thursday), 09.30 a.m. - 03.00 p.m.

Register onlineя: Follow the link

  1. Dmytro Aleshko, partner of Legal Alliance Company
  2. Alexander Bondar, senior associate with Legal Alliance Company
  3. Tetiana Kolisnyk, consultant on public procurement
  4. Irina Gorlova, CEO of SMD
  5. Serhii Yaroshenko, head of NEWTEND help desk


09:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. Registration of participants. Coffee

10:00 a.m. - 10:20 a.m. Dmytro Aleshko, partner of Legal Alliance Company: Reform of medicines and medical products public procurement system. Establishment of the State Purchasing Division.

10:20 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. Alexander Bondar, senior associate with Legal Alliance Company: Procurement of medicinal products in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Public Procurement"

  1. Legislative base. General overview of legislation that regulates public procurement, terminology. Analysis of the Law of Ukraine "On Public Procurement", scope and conditions of application.
    • Features of pre-threshold procurement.
    • Qualification criteria for the selection of participants..
    • Inclusion of a medicinal product in the National List of Essential Medicines as a prerequisite for procurement. Status.

  2. Appealing the procurement procedures: the deadline for filing and the content of the complaint; procedure for considering the complaint. Factors that affect admission and consideration of a complaint

11.00 a.m. - 11.20 a.m. Coffee break

11:20 - 11:40 Irina Gorlova, CEO of SMD: Results of the first year of the Prozorro system functioning in figures

11:40 a.m. - 12:00 a.m. Serhii Yaroshenko, head of NEWTEND help desk: How to win in PROZORRO? Positive and negative cases of participation in the auction

12:00 a.m. - 02:30 p.m. Tetiana Kolisnyk, consultant on public procurement: Electronic procurement system PROZORRO. Advantages and disadvantages of the system. Registration and work on electronic platforms

  1. General understanding of PROZORRO procurement system.
    • What is PROZORRO system, where to register in order to participate in public procurement. Choosing an electronic platform.
    • What is needed to know in order to participate in electronic bidding, participation fee.
    • Stages of electronic auction in PROZORRO system.
    • The procedure for clarifying the terms of electronic bidding; submitting proposals.
    • Peculiarities of appealing against actions and decisions in electronic pre-threshold procurement.

  2. Specificity of participation in the auction in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Public Procurement"
    • Preparation of the bid. Fulfilment of certain requirements for tender documentation: extract / excerpt from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs in electronic form; information from the USREOU; information about the taxpayer; the possibility of obtaining information that a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur is not a bankrupt via the Internet. Use of data from open databases and registries when preparing the bid. Documentary evidence of the absence of grounds for refusal to participate in the auction in accordance with Article 17 of the Law of Ukraine "On Public Procurement".
    • The requirement to have a "competitor" at the action pursuant to the Law of Ukraine "On Public Procurement". Risks.
    • Tender security and enforcement of the contract. Way and conditions which require consideration.
    • Refusal to participate in the procurement procedure. Consequences for the participant.
    • Submission of tender bid. Peculiarities of loading in procurement electronic system depending on a kind of procurement. The tender bid must be signed with digital signature.
    • Procedure for disclosing the bids: auction, evaluation of tender bids. Sanction legislation and its impact on procurement.
    • Consideration of bids and determination of the winner. "Post-qualification": the term and methods of providing documents.
    • Rejection of the bid and the cancellation of the procurement (requesting the customer to provide additional information on the reasons for the non-compliance of the bid with the tender documentation).
    • Appeal to the customer with the requirement to provide information about the offer, which is considered the most economically viable upon results of the evaluation.
    • "National" tenders and "euro tenders": differences, peculiarities of participation, appeals, position of the appeal body and prospects for change.
    • Procurement contract. Terms and requirements for the conclusion of the contract. Ability to submit own proposals to the draft contract. Correction of the terms of the contract: change in price, nomenclature, volume. The order of price changes for procurement at regulated prices.


Participation fee: UAH 2,800. 20% discount for clients of Legal Alliance Company. Preliminary registration of participants and accreditation of mass media is mandatory. Working language of the workshop: Ukrainian / Russian

Organization partner – Information agency “Pravotoday“ LLC

For all arrangement issues please contact managers of Legal Alliance marketing department at +38 (044) 425-40-50 or by e-mail

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