McKinsey&Co's analysis in 2013 shows that two-thirds of a sample of 210 launches failed to meet pre-launch consensus sales expectations for their first year on the market. Our service of Strategic Launch Plan Development in the CIS is based on successful personal experience by our consultants of launching various pharmaceutical products worldwide

It is not enough only to prepare a standard plan of the product launch for the CIS countries by employing this standard tools and techniques. We bring to our work extensive international experience in this field, which is used by Big Pharma companies during the product launch of both, innovative and generic products.

The world has changed, business realities have changed even more. Today, all established concepts of bringing new pharma products to market are no longer as productive as yesterday. Regulatory volatility, patients' expectations, and opinion leaders behavior, the impact of information technology continue to change the reality even more radically.

Our service includes the development of integrated solutions for the New Product Launch across the CIS countries and contains the following sections:


Each section can include different elements, which are very dependent on the specifics of each request:
  1. Analysis of key market by segments
  2. Marketing aspects of the target disease
  3. Analysis of the competitive environment
  4. Mapping of consumers
  5. Opportunities and risks assessment
  6. Market forecast by segment
  7. Development of commercial purposes of the launch 
  8. Building a budget for marketing and sales
  9. Price analysis
  10. Development of pricing strategies
  11. Positioning / Formation of a unique selling proposition (USP)
  12. Internal communications plan
  13. External communications plan
  14. Formation of Sales Force Structure 
  15. Segmentation with prescribers
  16. Formation of the key success factors
  17. A phased plan for the time-to-market launch 

Each market carries with it certain barriers of a regulatory nature, which often change, creating conditions of uncertainty for market players and accumulating additional risks that can significantly affect the success of the planned market access of any new product or service

We conduct a comprehensive assessment of regulatory barriers and peculiarities of regulatory systems before accessing the market. In particular:

  1. Consultancy in the evaluation of regulatory risks before and in the process of market access.
  2. Evaluation of the customs procedures applied to the product's specifics.
  3. Procedures and regulations for export/import operations.
  4. Regulatory aspects of public procurement.

Due to the close partnership with law firms in Ukraine, Russia, and the CEE/CIS countries, we offer a complete integrated analysis solution for a regulatory environment while entering a new market.

Access new markets involve preliminary and in-depth analysis of these markets. We propose a comprehensive study of the target markets, analysis of their supply and demand capacities. We have a proven track record of analyzing markets for different companies on different markets

  1. Analysis & Segmentation
  2. Competitive analysis
  3. Market potential analysis
  4. Forecasting 

We provide payer research services for local and multinational pharmaceutical companies to help them generate data for payer approval.

  1. Local payer research
  2. Payer Insights
  3. Expert interviews
  4. Regulatory aspects 

  1. Pharmacoepidemiological studies (ATC / DDD-methodology, ABC / VEN-analysis)
  2. Pharmacoeconomic studies (cost-effectiveness analysis, cost minimization analysis, impact analysis on the budget, mathematical modeling)
  3. Marketing research (frequency analysis, socio-economic accessibility)


Market Access

Consulting in the field of marketing analysis, access to markets, and P&R, stakeholders mapping etc.
Please contact Eugene Brovko tel.: +380 (44) 232-11-42 or via e-mail: to clarify all questions regarding Market Access services.

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