Kazakhstan Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Industries Overview 2018

Kazakhstan Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Industries Overview 2018

The latest version of the "Kazakhstan Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Industries Overview 2018" report is released. The report includes Kazakh economic, pharmaceutical and healthcare latest trends in a tailored made systematic and business styled manner. The Overview was developed for decision makers and industry professionals, life sciences stakeholders globally. It covers the 2012-2017 FY historical data with the forecast of the economics and pharmaceutical market numbers to 2018-2019.


Report name: Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industries Overview 2018
Country: Kazakhstan
Data years: 2016-2019
Price: EUR 200
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Kazakhstan Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Industries Overview 2018 provides an essential information about the Kazakh pharmaceutical market, its healthcare landscape, macroeconomic situation and:

  1. The review of country's macroeconomic indicators during 2016-2017, local currency exchange rates dynamics, overall country progress in 2016-2017, and the outlook to 2018;
  2. Kazakh pharmaceutical market sales analysis in 2012-2017;
  3. Major pharmaceutical companies of Kazakhstan as of 2017 results;
  4. Weighted average cost of a pack of pharmaceutical products in Kazakhstan for 2016-2017;
  5. NB! Forecast of total pharmaceutical market sales in Kazakhstan for 2018-2019;
  6. PESTLE impact and SWOT analyses of the local pharmaceutical market in 2017-2018;
  7. Regulatory environment of the pharmaceutical industry of Kazakhstan;
  8. Healthcare system analysis, epidemiology and demographics of Kazakhstan in 2016-2017.


This report will enhance your view of the Kazakh pharmaceutical market, its healthcare environment by making you possible to:

  1. Understand the Kazakh pharmaceutical market from the helicopter point of view;
  2. Develop the marketing plan for your products in Kazakhstan;
  3. Assess the market and revenues opportunities in the Kazakh pharmaceutical market;
  4. Elaborate and initiate the market access process of the pharmaceutical product in Kazakhstan.

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About publications

Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Industries Overview 2017/2018 - is a professional industry report, which covers crucial economic, pharmaceutical and healthcare information for decision makers and industry professionals globally. The Overview will be useful for top-managers, business owners, consultants and other stakeholders of the Life Sciences industry, who analyze, plan entering or investing into the one of the CIS pharma markets.

For additional information, please, contact, Eugene Brovko via email ebrovko@upharma-c.com or phone +380 (98) 224-98-64

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