Belarus Pharmaceutical Country Report 2020 FY

Belarus Pharmaceutical Country Report 2020 FY

Brief Summary

The current Report "Belarus Pharmaceutical Country Report 2020 FY" ("Report") focuses on Belarus. The Report depicts the latest 2019-2020 FY business trends of the Belarussian pharmaceutical market and uncovers the market access pathway for pharmaceutical products: from marketing authorization to essential medicines and national formulary listings. It provides a forecast of total pharmaceutical market sales for the next three years (2021-2023), considering all the COVID-19-concerned crisis implications.

Belarus Pharmaceutical Country Report 2020 FY presents the most recent insight into the country's socio-political development, including the anticipations regarding the country's economic prospects in 2021-2023. It overviews the Belarussian healthcare system, portrays its epidemiology (including COVID-19 statistics) and demographics.

The Report is expanded greatly towards covering one of the most important areas for every company planning to bring its products into our region—Market Access landscape. The current Report includes such sections as (I) marketing authorization regulation and procedure, (ii) pricing & reimbursement landscape, (iii) national formulary regulation, (iv) national essential medicines list (NEML) regulation, (v) health technology assessment ecosystem in Belarus and much more.

The Report is intended for industry executives, decision-makers, sales & marketing, market access managers, and other stakeholders analyzing, planning to enter, or investing in the Belarussian pharma and/or healthcare market.

The Report covers the 2013-2020 full-year data for the pharmaceutical market and provides a forecast for the period of 2021-2023.


Report title: "Belarus Pharmaceutical Country Report 2020 FY"
Historical data, period: 2013-2020
Forecast period: 2021-2023
Main file format (deliverable): .pdf
Additional files (supplementary deliverables): .xlsx, .pptx
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Report Contents

1. Country Summary.

The section is dedicated to the country's introduction, describing its historical context, current economic outlook, trends in the Belarussian economy, and its outlook up to 2023.

2. Pharmaceutical Market Trends.

The section is fully dedicated to the Belarussian pharmaceutical market and trends of its development up to the 2021-2023 period, including the following sub-segments

  1. Supply Chain Stakeholders—A summary of all major market stakeholders: foreign manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors, local manufacturers, hospitals & treatment settings, pharmacies, and pharmacy chains
  2. Supply Chain Scheme—How are stakeholders organized into the business ecosystem in the country? What are the core flows (Sales & Marketing, Supply & Logistics/ Products Flows, Supply & Logistics/ Products Flows, Informal/ OOP payments, etc.)
  3. Retail and Hospital Segments—Total sales by each segment in values and volumes, market shares, sales by retail segment categories, etc.
  4. Retail Segment—Analysis of the retail sales channel in the 2013-2020 FY period in values and volumes, showing off the dynamics of pharmacy infrastructure during the same period. The distribution of pharmacies by regions of Belarus and top-10 pharmacy chains as of 1HY 2020 by the number of POS.
  5. Local Production—The dynamics of the total value of pharmaceutical goods produced in Belarus in the 2013-2020 FY (e) period.
  6. Foreign Trade—Total value of exported pharmaceutical products from Belarus and the total value of imported pharmaceutical products into the territory of Belarus in the 2013-2020 FY (e) period.
  7. Hospital Channel—The section uncovers the situation concerning sales of pharmaceuticals through the hospital channel.
  8. Total Market Forecast—We have developed a total market forecast (hospital plus retail channels) to up to 2021-2023 years in values and volumes. The forecast is supplemented by positively and negatively affecting factors to the forecast provided.
  9. Top-15 Pharmaceutical Companies—The biggest 15 companies by sales in values as of 1HY 2020 compared to 2019. Their shares, previous period growth, and the latest companies' news.
  10. Regulatory Environment—General provisions of the regulation of the Belarussian pharmaceutical market.

3. Market Access Pathway
  1. Regulatory Environment—The section outlines core elements regulating the access of new pharmaceuticals to the Belarussian pharmaceutical market: Marketing Authorization, Pricing Regulation, National Formulary System in the country, National Essential Medicines List, Pricing & Reimbursement. Each of these areas is covered further in more detail within this Report.
  2. Regulatory Changes—What were the main changes in the regulatory environment concerning the Market Access area in Belarus in 2020?
  3. Key Stakeholders—Who are key stakeholders for all pharmaceutical companies when bringing their products into the Belarussian pharmaceutical market? What are their functions?
  4. Marketing Authorization—There are, at least, four procedures a new product may be brought into the market with. The section shows these four schemes visually and describes details of procedures.
  5. Pricing Regulation—What are the implemented public policies to control pharmaceutical spending in Belarus? The section also shows the implemented pricing mark-ups per each supply chain element of the Belarussian pharmaceutical market and mechanisms of price calculations.
  6. Formulary System—Structure, elements, processes, and stakeholders of the national formulary system in Belarus, including the list of major legislative documents regulating the sphere.
  7. Essential Medicines List—Inclusion process and criteria, regulatory ecosystem, levels and stakeholders, timing, requirements.
  8. Reimbursement—What reimbursement system is implemented in Belarus?
  9. Public Procurement—Description of the public procurement system in Belarus with the focus on the state procurement of pharmaceuticals in Belarus (process, stakeholders, regulation).
  10. Health Technology Assessment—Outlining the current status of HTA ecosystem development in Belarus: stakeholders, processes, regulation.

4. Healthcare Infrastructure & Epidemiology
  1. Healthcare Budget: total and by regions
  2. Hospitals
  3. Healthcare Workforce
  4. Epidemiology, Demography, Morbidity, and Mortality
  5. COVID-19 implications and list of measures to face the pandemic.

List of Figures
  1. Real GDP and GDP Growth Rate of Belarus (2013-2023 (f)
  2. Belarussian Ruble (BYN) Exchange Rate Dynamics (2013-2023 (f)
  3. Shares of Retail and Hospital Segments. VALUES and VOLUMES (2013-2020e)
  4. Total Market by Retail & Hospitals Channels. Sales Dynamics. VALUES (2013-2020e)
  5. Total Market by Retail & Hospitals Channels. Sales Dynamics. VOLUMES (2013-2020e)
  6. Weighted Average Cost of a Pack per Segment (USD (2013-2023f))
  7. Retail Sales Dynamics. VALUES (2013-2020e)
  8. Retail Sales Dynamics. VOLUMES (2013-2020e)
  9. Hospital Sales Dynamics. VALUES (2013-2020e)
  10. Hospital Sales Dynamics. VOLUMES (2013-2020e)
  11. Dynamics of the Total Number of POS in Belarus in 2013-2020.
  12. Retail Sales Turnover per POS in 2013-2020 (2013-2020)
  13. Distribution of Pharmacy POS by Regions of Belarus. Number of POS (1H/2020)
  14. Total Value of Exported Pharmaceutical Products from Belarus (2013-2020e)
  15. Total Value of Imported Pharmaceutical Products into the Territory of Belarus (2013-2020e)
  16. Pharmaceutical Products Foreign Trade Balance (2013-2020)
  17. Value of Locally Produced Pharmaceutical Products in Belarus (2013-2020e)
  18. Shares of Local and Foreign Manufacturers in the Retail Sales. VALUES and VOLUMES
  19. Pharma Market Sales Forecast, VALUES (Retail + Hospital), USD, mln (2013-2023f)
  20. Pharma Market Sales Forecast, VOLUMES (Retail + Hospital), Packs, mln (2013-2023f)
  21. Active Route of Accessing the Market in Belarus
  22. Mapping of Market Access Authorities in Belarus
  23. National Marketing Authorization Procedure (Procedure 1.)
  24. Marketing Authorization Simplified Procedure (Procedure 2.)
  25. National Conditional Marketing Authorization Procedure (Procedure 3.)
  26. Marketing Authorization Procedure in Eurasian Economic Union Framework (Procedure 4.)
  27. A Scheme of Price Regulation for Products Listed in the EML
  28. A Scheme of Pricing Mechanisms for Pharmaceuticals in Belarus
  29. Republican Drugs Formulary Inclusion Process in Belarus Scheme
  30. Essential Medicines List Inclusion Process in Belarus Scheme
  31. Public Purchases in Belarus Scheme
  32. Public Purchases Stakeholders in Belarus
  33. State Reimbursement Program Operation Scheme in Belarus
  34. Healthcare Budget of Belarus in % to GDP (2013-2020), VALUES, USD, bn
  35. Number of newly emerged COVID-19 cases in Belarus, weekly (Feb 24-Oct 11)

List of Tables
  1. Key Country Indicators
  2. Main Macroeconomic Indicators (2013-2019, 2020(e)-2023(f))
  3. Belarusian Pharmaceutical Market by Segments, USD mln
  4. Number of POS by TOP-10 Pharmacy Chains in Belarus
  5. Positive and Negative Factors Impacting the Pharma Market Forecast
  6. Top-15 Companies on the Market in 1HY/ 2020, Retail + Hospital segments; VALUES, USD, mln (1HY/ 2018-1HY/ 2020)
  7. Top-15 Products on the Market in 1H 2020, USD, mln (1H/2019- 1H/2020)
  8. Comparison of Existing National Marketing Authorization Procedures in Belarus
  9. Marketing Authorization Stakeholders and Their Functions in Belarus
  10. The Size of the Marginal Wholesale and Retail Mark-Ups
  11. Total State Budget and Budget on the Healthcare in Belarus (2013-2020)
  12. Healthcare Budget by Regions of Belarus (2015-2020), VALUES, USD, bn
  13. The Population of Belarus in 2012-2020
  14. Key Demographic Indicators of Belarus in 2012-2020
  15. Healthcare Infrastructure of Belarus by regions, eop (2016-2019)
  16. Number of physicians and nursing staff by main specializations in Belarus, ths persons (2016-2019, eop)
  17. Population morbidity by the major groups of diseases (firstly diagnosed) in 2016-2019
  18. Main causes of death of the population, ths (2016-2019)

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